Review sessions and remaining assignments

Remaining assignments online Tentative assignments have been posted for the remainder of the semester. Review sessions scheduled In addition, three review sessions have been scheduled: WEDNESDAY, OCT. 22: “PJ BIG PICTURE” DAY Class starts at 1PM. This will be an extended session. I have the room reserved until 5PM in case we need that long. We […]

Brilliant YouTube video on Burnham

Many thanks to Section 2 class member Kaneily Alfaro for sharing this with me. P.S., out of an abundance of professorial nerdiness, I’ll note my disagreement with the video’s characterization of the case. The only matter on which the Court was unanimous was on the judgment. The Court disagreed quite vehemently regarding the legal justification for tag […]

Substantial updates and additions

This weekend, I posted many updates to the website. Here are highlights. Updated Assignment for this Wednesday, Oct. 15. See the email sent out earlier today as well as the Assignments page. Next week’s (week of Oct. 20) tentative assignment and PJ Big Picture Day. If our room is available for a long session next Monday (Oct. 20), […]

Walden v. Fiore and the shrinking Calder test

Per our class discussion today, here’s some additional info on the Walden v. Fiore decision written this year by Justice Thomas. Here are the facts of the case as described by the Court: Petitioner [and Defendant] serves as a police officer for the city of Covington, Georgia. In August 2006, petitioner was working at the Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson Airport […]