Service of process by Facebook?

In class this week, we noted that modern jurisprudence generally treats notice and personal jurisdiction as distinct issues. (The Transient Presence rule is an example of when both notice and PJ can be satisfied simultaneously.) Regarding notice, the question came up in class whether service could be done via Facebook or Twitter. Hot off the presses: […]

Site updates: Assignments page, PJ materials, Removal explanations

(Updated to correct transmission of group email.) This posting/email is a test of a new message-distribution system. Everybody in the Civ Pro class should be receiving this. In addition, there are important additions to the website: Assignments page is now active.  Future assignments will be posted to I will maintain the Lexis Blackboard site until I have […]

How to read statutory materials

New law students struggle with reading statutes and statutory-like materials such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Here’s a web version of a handout I use in class that gives guidance on how to read such materials. The key is to engage the materials by carving them up into bite-sized pieces, and to determine their structure, […]

Civ Pro Prezis from ALI

Our ALI Brittnay Wittnebel has been putting together terrific materials, including Prezi presentations that are visually engaging and rich in useful information. Click here for a page collecting them, or here to go to Brittnay’s Prezi homepage.

Updated Civ Pro assignment

I do not want to rush through federal-question jurisdiction. Accordingly: For next Monday (Sept. 8), we will continue our discussion of Mottley and the related materials. Also, read the new materials (such as Gunn) listed in the Assignments page. There will be no new assignment for next Wed. (Sept. 10) See the updated Assignments page […]

New vid: “Citizen of a State”

Here’s a video discussing the meaning of “Citizen of a State.” This rounds out our videos on diversity jurisdiction. Diversity basics: “Citizen of a State” Video on court interpretations of the phrase “Citizen of a State,” which is relevant to diversity jurisdiction. Topics include: Relevant language from Article III & 1332 Scenarios analyzing U.S. Citizen […]