A digital dilemma


Searching the web, I found this flickr photo by “Ksaad,” who calls it “Digital Garbage.” Ksaad’s photo (which I’ve cropped slightly) nicely captures several parts of the [tag]digital preservation[/tag] dilemma — how many of these programs won’t work on a standard PC configuration of 2006? 2016? 2106? Even if a platform might somehow run these programs in 100 years, the media might degrade beyond recovery anyway.

Paper seems immortal in comparison.

Ksaad licensed this work under a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License

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  1. K.

    You know, that day I was pissed, and since my room isn’t organized often, I messed up most of the room even more. Seized that as a chance for some photography!About compatibility, I think ALL of them would work with little hiccups. Thanks for crediting me.

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