The real digital garbage: e-waste

60 Minutes ran a segment this evening on the real digital garbage: e-waste, namely, CRTs, computers, cell phones, and other digital junk thrown away by Americans who think they’re recycling, but which sometimes end up in illegal dumps in places like Hong Kong:

60 Minutes is going to take you to one of the most toxic places on Earth – a place government officials and gangsters don’t want you to see. It’s a town in China where you can’t breathe the air or drink the water, a town where the blood of the children is laced with lead.

It’s worth risking a visit because much of the poison is coming out of the homes, schools and offices of America. This is a story about recycling – about how your best intentions to be green can be channeled into an underground sewer that flows from the United States and into the wasteland.

For additional info on problems with e-waste, here’s links to GAO reports on e-waste:

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