Mr. Yuk is mean. Mr. Yuk also has lawyers.

While thinking about final exam topics for intellectual property, I came across this 2007 video from Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV.  It’s too interesting not to share.  Mr. Yuk appears on stickers.  Parents put his green scowling face (think the ultimate anti-smiley face) onto containers of poisonous household substances. The idea: evil face, poison, don’t drink!  Mr. Yuk also starred in some memorable 1970s commercials using the Mr. Yuk song:


p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>When you see it you’ll know quick.
Things marked Yuk make you sick.
Sick sick sick.
Sick sick sick.
Mr. Yuk is mean.
Mr. Yuk is green.

Mr. Yuk also led to an interesting IP dispute.  According to WTAE, a Minnesota council member was using a face similar to Mr. Yuk on lawn signs (and from the video, also on a website) regarding an upcoming vote to amend a city charter.  Lawyers for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center protested the usage, and the council member (himself a lawyer) claimed fair use.

The website shown in the 2007 video is still online (I’m pretty sure it’s the same URL though the video report’s resolution isn’t very good).  The Mr. Yuk-like symbol now sports an eye patch.

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