The patient dragonfly

As readers of my site know, I love photography.  Weston, where I live, was part of the Everglades not too many years ago, and a 10-minute bike ride will get me to one of the last great frontiers of American wildlife.  Sometimes that wildlife can be found in your very own back yard.  A few days ago, I was sitting out back looking at my daughter’s garden.  All of a sudden, a beautiful dragonfly sat right in front of me on a branch of my daughter’s tomato plant.   It sat very calmly while staring at me and studying my face.  Although my slightest facial twitch would elicit a reaction from the dragonfly, it remained still.  Wanting the picture, I ran back into the house to get my camera.  Amazingly, the dragonfly was still there and sat patiently to have his portrait taken.  I never realized until then what beautiful and colorful creatures they are.

Beautiful dragonfly

3 comments on “The patient dragonfly”

  1. Chris Sanderson

    Amazing photograph and natural beauty thanks to technology without which my poor eyesight would never have allowed me to see.

    With this skill, I would enjoy a macro of my face while I take the final in December.

  2. Renee Behrens

    Dragonflies are my favorite creature. The mechanics of their wings is very impressive (able to move all four independently). Love the picture, must be a great camera to pick up that kind of detail!

    PS: On the contrary to Chris I would NOT like to see the look on my face during the final haha 😉

  3. Ira Nathenson

    I got lucky. Dragonflies are common in my neighborhood and I saw one sit on my daughter’s tomato plant. I grabbed my cam and took dozens of shots. This was one of the last ones and the nicest of the group. That’s my secret – take dozens of shots and maybe you’ll luck into a good one!

    The cam is nice but nothing out of the ordinary – it’s a Nikon D60 digital SLR with the lens set at 55mm, which is moderate zoom for a digital SLR. I think I cropped further using the computer and slightly boosted the saturation of the colors. If you would like to see some truly spectacular dragonfly shots, go to and search for dragonflies. There are some really amazing photos on that site.

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