The Digital Garbage Net is back-ish.

After a long hiatus, I’m returning to blogging at this site. For a long time, I had great difficulties finding a voice for this blog. Solely academic? Photography? Popular culture? General snarkiness? “D: All of the above”? As my efforts towards tenure took precedence, I let this blog languish, like a dusty library book so overdue you just want to forget about it.

Since then, I’ve found that other social media are in many ways a far better fit for the broader interests noted above. I’ve been a frequent user of Twitter, and have also recently learned the shared joys of Tumblr.

I’m not certain about the future of this blog, but for now, I’m going to narrow its focus, posting primarily on digital culture, technology, and law. For the foreseeable future, I suspect that my Tumblr blog — — will be my primary blog, with this site, The Digital Garbage Net, secondary. However, posts relevant to both the Tumblr blog and this site may be cross-posted.

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