Review sessions and remaining assignments

Remaining assignments online

Tentative assignments have been posted for the remainder of the semester.

Review sessions scheduled

In addition, three review sessions have been scheduled:


  • Class starts at 1PM. This will be an extended session. I have the room reserved until 5PM in case we need that long. We will take breaks from time to time.
  • Prepare answers to Personal Jurisdiction Problem Set
  • Laptops are permitted during Big Picture Day.

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 19: Essay exam-writing workshop

  • Essay exam-writing workshop.
  • Normal room: CPD-113. Room is ours from 2-4PM in case we need the extra time.
  • Laptops will be permitted.
  • Read Tips & Techniques on Civ Pro Essay Exams. Bring any questions you have regarding essay techniques.
  • Prepare outline and answer for PJ Practice Essay: Amazone. Bring to class. Be prepared to go to the board and share your outline.

MONDAY, NOV. 24: Last day of Fall, review session

  • Last day of class.
  • Review session in our normal room (CPD-113) starting at 12:30PM.
  • We have the room until 4:25PM, but probably will not need the entire time.
  • Laptops will be permitted.

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