Additional review video on Civil Procedure for Spring MBE

Just posted: Part II of the review of Civil Procedure topics for the Spring 2015 Multistate Bar Examination, available here. This video provides a review of some of the Civil Procedure topics that may be on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) in February 2015.

Topics covered:

  • Preliminary injunctions & TROs
  • Pleading (plausibility, answers, amended pleadings, relation-back)
  • Rule 11
  • Joinder (Rule 18, 13(a), 13(g), Rule 14, Rule 20, Rule 19, interpleader, class actions)
  • Discovery (Rules 26, 30, 33, 34, 36, ESI, 37; privileges & work product)
  • Pretrial (Rule 16)
  • Right to jury trial, juries, verdicts
  • Motions (Rule 12, Rule 56, Rule 50, Rule 59)
  • Defaults, voluntary dismissal
  • Appeals
  • Preclusion
  • Standards of review

Also available: Part I of the Civ Pro MBE review. It can also be found on the MBE video page. Topics covered:

  • Subject matter jurisdiction (diversity, federal question, supplemental, removal)
  • Personal jurisdiction (state court, federal court, in rem/quasi-in-rem, in personam)
  • Venue, transfer, and forum non conveniens
  • Notice and Due Process
  • Erie Doctrine (including Rules of Decision Act and Rules Enabling Act)

In addition, other review materials can be found on the Civ Pro Resources page.

Note to JD students: The MBE presentations were made for recent law grads and are aimed at helping them to prepare for the Multistate Bar Examination. The MBE has a number of multiple-choice Civil Procedure questions. These presentations were crafted with the MBE in mind. Issues relevant to a professor-written examination in a J.D. class may differ significantly in both breadth and depth. In other words, my exams may go into much greater detail than discussed in these videos.

Update Feb. 27 (embedded video directly into post, even though YouTube link previously included).

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