Tigers and lions and bears! Oh, my! Remaining assignments and new study materials online

As the not-so-lazy days of summer fast approach, a number of important announcements as our semester winds down:

Remaining assignments. 

Tentative assignments for the remainder of the year are now online so that you may start planning your study and review schedule.

Problem sets and study materials.

I have posted a large number of additional study materials. More might be added in the weeks to come. Some of them will be part of upcoming assignments. Others are included for your studies. In addition to the Erie materials that were posted recently, additional materials recently added include:

Voluntary dismissal & summary judgment: main page

Trial and post-trial motions: main page

Claim & Issue Preclusion (res judicata & collateral estoppel): main page

Claim preclusion (a/k/a/ res judicata)

Issue preclusion (a/k/a collateral estoppel)

Non-mutual issue preclusion (a/k/a/ non-mutual collateral estoppel)

Appeals: main page

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