Civ Pro Reviews galore!

I want to thank everyone for coming to yesterday’s review session. Five hours. Wow.

The videos are now all online and publicly available. There are eight (8) videos. Seven of them are from yesterday’s review session and the eighth is a short addendum I did this morning on supplemental jurisdiction. The reason I created the addendum was to make sure that your review materials included commentary from me on the important issues of Exxon v. Allapattah‘s effect on 1367(b) and its “contamination rules” effect on 1367(a). I also make a brief comment about aggregation in the video.

Please note: Even though the reviews are five-or-so hours, it’s still not possible to cover everything in one session. By necessity, some materials were covered in more detail, and some less. The fact that materials were discussed in the videos does not mean they will be on the exam. Equally so, the fact that something was not addressed in any video does not mean that it will not be on the exam.

Without further adieu, here are the new videos. Best of luck with studies, your exams, and the summer.

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