The Four Rules of the Erie Doctrine: don’t stress, let it flow!

The Erie doctrine stressing you out?

Don’t. As Fight Club‘s Tyler Durden would say, “Let it slide!”


Better yet, let it flow. Here’s a Coggle flowchart for the Erie doctrine. It’s part of the Erie doctrine set in my MBE resources, as well as my JD Erie resources.

The flowchart includes numerous issues arising under the Erie doctrine, REA analysis, and more. In particular, it covers the following steps:

  1. First Rule of the Erie doctrine: Determine content of state law.
  2. Second Rule of the Erie doctrine: Determine content of federal law.
  3. Third Rule of the Erie doctrine: Determine the type of federal law that conflicts with state law.
  4. Fourth Rule of the Erie doctrine: Analyze the conflict (and analyze in the alternative if necessary).

You can also click here to see the Coggle at, or click here to download a PDF. To use it, start by reading the middle, then work your way through the left, and then the right.


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