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Is Tumblr the future of open-network social blogging? I think yes and here’s why.

This afternoon, I came across an interesting posting by ilovecharts (via lauraolin) with a Google Trends graphic comparing the search terms tumblr, blog, wordpress, and livejournal. It showed that “tumblr” has surpassed “blog” in terms of public search consciousness. That may show a small, but significant shift in the nature of social blogging. I did some additional […]

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Finding me online

For new STU students, welcome to law school!  I can be found online through a variety of mechanisms. Course pages are run through Lexis Blackboard,   You’ll need a Lexis ID to enroll, which will be provided to you at school.  In the meantime, the syllabus and first assignment for Civil Procedure I can […]

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Sites and course pages

For new STU students, welcome to law school! My home page is at This site, digital garbage, is my academic blog on law and technology. I also run a personal blog at Course pages are available to STU students through Blackboard at   You’ll need to get your Lexis ID from the […]

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