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New article on SSRN: “Civil Procedures for a World of Shared and User-Generated Content”

I’ve posted a draft of my forthcoming article Civil Procedures for a World of Shared and User-Generated Content to SSRN. It’ll appear in print in the University of Louisville Law Review. Here’s the abstract: Scholars often focus on the substance of copyrights as opposed to the procedures used to enforce them.  Yet copyright enforcement procedures […]

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Lessig’s modalities, football helmets, and “cerebellum custard”

I’ve been thinking about Larry Lessig’s modalities for an upcoming piece I have coming out on copyright enforcement. And because my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Dolphins of my adoptive hometown today, I’m also thinking about football.  As any football fan knows, the league is concerned over head injuries and last week fined several […]

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David Letterman’s live IP demand to Joaquin Phoenix: real or hoax?

I’ve read many a cease-and-desist letter, and I’ve even written a few, but I’ve never seen an IP demand issued personally on late-night TV. Here’s David Letterman, complaining to Joaquin Phoenix about the use of portions of Phoenix’s infamous 2009 Late Show appearance for a new movie. Many will recall Phoenix’ bizarre, bearded 2009 appearance, […]

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