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Lessig’s modalities, football helmets, and “cerebellum custard”

I’ve been thinking about Larry Lessig’s modalities for an upcoming piece I have coming out on copyright enforcement. And because my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Dolphins of my adoptive hometown today, I’m also thinking about football.  As any football fan knows, the league is concerned over head injuries and last week fined several […]

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Mr. Yuk is mean. Mr. Yuk also has lawyers.

While thinking about final exam topics for intellectual property, I came across this 2007 video from Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV.  It’s too interesting not to share.  Mr. Yuk appears on stickers.  Parents put his green scowling face (think the ultimate anti-smiley face) onto containers of poisonous household substances. The idea: evil face, poison, don’t drink!  Mr. Yuk […]

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