Civil Procedure: books

You must use the current editions of the books listed below. Civil Procedure is changing constantly, and older materials differ not just in content, but will also contain outdated law. Always bring both required books to class.

Required books

  1. Casebook: Joseph W. Glannon et al., Civil Procedure: A Coursebook (Wolters Kluwer, Second Edition 2014). Do not purchase the first edition.
  2. Supplement: Joseph W. Glannon et al., Civil Procedure: Rules, Statutes, and Other Materials, 2016 Supplement (Wolters Kluwer 2016).

Note that the casebook and rules supplement are available in a bundle from the STU bookstore.

Added Aug. 11: The bookstore has the casebook but does not yet have the statutory supplement. You can purchase the bundle at the STU bookstore and they will give you the supplement when it is in stock. In the meantime, I will post any required statutes, rules, or Constitutional provisions to the assignments page.

Suggested books (not in bookstore but easily obtained)

  1. Hornbook with examples: Joseph W. Glannon, Civil Procedure: Examples & Explanations (Wolters Kluwer 7th ed. 2013) 
  2. Multiple-choice practice: William Janssen & Steven Baicker-McKee, Mastering Multiple Choice for Federal Civil Procedure (West Academic 2d ed 2016). This is a new edition.

Revised Aug. 11 , 2016