Erie/REA flowchart

This flowchart, prepared using the Coggle flowchart engine, includes numerous issues arising under the Erie doctrine, REA analysis, and more. It covers the following steps:

  1. Determine content of state law.
  2. Determine content of federal law.
  3. Determine the type of federal law that conflicts with state law.
  4. Analyze the conflict (if necessary, in the alternative).

You can also click here to see the Coggle at, or click here to download a PDF. To use it, start by reading the middle, then working your way through the left, then through the right.


Erie/REA JD review, Spring 2015

This video, presented to a JD class, covers selected issues regarding the Erie doctrine, REA analysis, and more. Topics covered include:

Order of analysis: 1) determine federal law; 2) determine state law; 3) determine if there is conflict; 4) analyze one or more relevant tracks

  • How to construe federal law
  • Erie predictions
  • Conflict vs. no conflict
  • Constitution vs. state law
  • Statute vs. state law
  • REA Rule vs. state law
  • Federal judicial practice vs. state law
  • Federal general common law vs. state law