Below are videos and other resources regarding joinder.


Handouts and flowcharts

This site contains many helpful Civ Pro resources that you may use to supplement your studies for the MBE. These resources for joinder include a Rule 19 flowchart and an interpleader chart that explains the differences between rule interpleader (Rule 22) and statutory interpleader (section 1335) in terms of personal jurisdiction, venue, subject matter jurisdiction, and more.

Joinder resources


Joinder MBE review (Spring 2015)

This video covers selected issues regarding joinder. Topics covered include:

  • Joinder versus subject matter jurisdiction
  • Counterclaims (Rule 13(a), (b))
  • Crossclaims (Rule 13(g))
  • Joining additional (even unrelated) claims (Rule 18(a))
  • Third party practice a/k/a/ impleader (Rule 14)
  • Permissive joinder (Rule 20)
  • Required joinder (Rule 19)
  • Interpleader (Rule 22 and 28 U.S.C. 1335)
  • Class action basics (Rule 23)

Joinder JD review Spring 2015


This video covers selected issues regarding pleadings. Topics covered include:

  • Rule 18(a)
  • Counterclaims
  • Crossclaims
  • Joining additional parties on counter & crossclaims
  • Third-party practice
  • Interpleader
  • Permissive joinder
  • Required joinder
  • Misjoinder vs. nonjoinder; severance vs. separation
  • Intervention
  • Class actions