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Tips, techniques, and mark-up codes:

Practice questions:

Note that these questions are more straightforward than what you might find on an actual examination. These questions are intended to help students build examination-taking skills.

Practice examinations:

This examination was given to Civil Procedure I as a practice examination on Oct. 26, 2015. The examinations are the same but the order of multiple-choice is different.

Prior examination essay questions:

Selected essay examinations from previous semesters are available below.

Note that in Fall 2012, I switched casebooks as well as the order in which I teach the materials. Thus, the exams for Spring 2011, Fall 2011, and Spring 2012 were from a prior casebook. Students in Civil Procedure I may be interested in exams from Spring 2011 and 2012, because I used to teach jurisdiction in the Spring.

Civil Procedure I

Civil Procedure II

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