About Copyright and Content Management

About Copyright Skills

Copyright law stands at the forefront of law in the digital era, protecting and sometimes frustrating the creation and distribution of modern culture. By providing exclusive—but limited—rights to “original works of authorship,” copyright protects not just traditional media such as books, songs, and movies, but also electronic works found in YouTube videos, streaming media, and computer code. Because copyright issues are so prevalent in modern society, a modern lawyer should have a solid grounding in copyright law. This course covers major topics in domestic copyright law, such as originality, authorship, ownership, duration, the exclusive rights, infringement, fair use, and enforcement. It also pays close attention to the interplay of technology and law. Finally, the course extends beyond book learning by using realistic exercises that tie lawyering skills to the readings. Examples may include preparing copyright registrations, assignments, takedown notices, and infringement opinions. 


This course qualifies for skills credits. There is no curve. Grading will be based on class participation and a number of experiential projects such as copyright registrations, assignments, analyses, enforcement work, and more. These projects are designed to integrate your understanding of copyright law, theory, practice, and professional values.

Updated Aug. 1, 2016