Copyright & Content Management: required books

These are the required books for Spring 2018 Copyright & Content Management. Only one of the items below will cost you money. The others are available for free.

1. Course Website: Site at This website is your source for assignments, project information, and other materials. Details on the course website are provided below.

2. Casebook: Craig Joyce et al., Copyright Law, Tenth Edition (Carolina Academic Press 2016). Do not get the prior Ninth Edition from 2013, which is from a different publisher. 

3. Joyce et al., Copyright Law Casebook Supplement: It is free and can be found here.

4. Statutory Supplement: James Boyle & Jennifer Jenkins, Intellectual Property: Law & The Information Society, Selected Statutes & Treaties (2016 ed.). It is free and can be found here.

Revised Jan. 2, 2018