T-Cubed Intranet: copyright contract drafting resources

Note from the managing partner:

Dear T-Cubed colleagues: I asked our paralegal to scour the internet and databases for potential examples of short-form copyright assignments and copyright work-for-hire agreements. The paralegal tells me that sometimes lawyers will also combine the two, so that the contract is a work-for-hire agreement with a backup assignment. Cool. The paralegal cautioned me, however, not to combine the documents unless there is some basis under copyright law to claim work for hire.

I leave it to your trusty discretion regarding which form(s) to use and how to adapt them. As a former partner of mine said, it is your responsibility to make sure that you understand the purpose and meaning of every word in the final work product. Using a form without making your own independent, informed professional judgment regarding each and every word is prima facie malpractice. You don’t know whether the author of the form you use was a wizard or a fool, and you don’t know whether it was drafted for a very different situation. I haven’t reviewed these forms, I don’t understand them, and I make absolutely no guarantee to their utility.

Having said that, I hope these give you a head start.

Short form assignments:

Work for hire agreements.

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Posted Sept. 19, 2016