Copyright project 2: scoring

Scoring for each component will be done on a 4.0 scale. Below is a brief explanation of what I look for in each category.

Ethics memo 10%
Factual documentation 30%
Letters 50%
Organization 10%
Total 100%

Ethics memo (10%). In one to two double-spaced pages, address whether the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct permit us to handle the case on behalf of our client.

Factual documentation (30%). This looks to the quality of your factual research on matters such as: the plaintiff, the defendant, the plaintiff’s alleged copyright, the defendant’s conduct, and any online/internet service providers that are involved in the defendant’s alleged infringement.

Letters (50%). You will need to prepare multiple letters to the main defendant as well as any online/internet service providers who may also be liable. You will have to determine whether to send cease-and-desist letters or DMCA takedown notices and you will need to draft them. Scoring considerations include whether the proper types of letters are drafted, writing, and good use of facts, law, and legal strategy. Students may also wish to attach one or more exhibits to their letters.

Organization (10%). Is the case file well-organized? Is it easy to work through the case file?

Revised Oct. 19, 2015