Copyright project 1: resources

Dear T-Cubed associates: A heartfelt thank you and an earnest caution:

The thank you: I was extremely happy with the effort you put forward in suggesting sources. A bunch of them are below. I cannot add them all (there were so many!), soI  selected the ones the group as a whole seemed to emphasize as being important. Crowd-sourcing the matter, I suppose.

The caution: In posting these materials I am relying on the depth and quality of your group recommendations. This page is built upon what you suggested based on your research, so I cannot say whether this is a complete or accurate list. Hopefully these are useful resources, but you are the copyright experts, not me. I may be the managing partner, but our firm’s success rests with you.

Thank you.

The Senior Partner.

Copyright Office in general

Copyright law

  • Copyright Act of 1976 (as amended), including but not necessarily limited to:
    • Section 101 definitions
    • Section 103 compilations and derivative works
    • Section 106 exclusive rights
    • Sections 201-05 ownership and transfer
    • Sections 302, 304, 305 re copyright duration of pre- and post-1976 Act works
    • Sections 408-12 regarding registration and deposit as well as benefits
    • Sections 701-09 regarding Copyright Office and fees
  • Copyright Office regulations (esp. part 202)

Copyright registration practice

Copyright treatises

  • Nimmer on Copyright (many resources, available on Lexis).
  • Patry on Copyright (many resources, available on Westlaw)

Page updated Sept. 25, 2015