Copyright project 1: resource listing

This portion of Project 1 was announced in class on Wed., Sept. 16 and is due Mon., Sept. 21.


Prepare a written listing of copyright registration resources.

Associates do the research. 

As associates, it is your job to do the legal research. As noted in class on Wednesday 9/16, you therefore need to prepare a listing of copyright registration resources (such as statutes, regulations, circulars and other materials) relevant to copyright registration of the Shakespeare book.

Your task.

The assignment:

  • Put together a 1-2 page printed listing of resources.
  • Look for resources in your statute book, which is a required book.
  • Look for resources on the Copyright Office website.

When it is due:

  • Due date. As noted in class (Wed. 9/16) and via email (Fri. 9/18), this component of project 1 is due by the beginning of class on Monday, Sept. 21.
  • Email alternative. If you are not able to come to class, then email me your listing ( before class. If you email it to me, make sure I send you a confirmation email. You cannot be certain I have received it unless you get confirmation from me. I will not accept any listings sent to me via email once class begins so if you are not going to be in class on Monday, send it prior to 2PM Monday.


  • Two copies. Bring two copies, one for you, one for me. It is due the beginning of the Mon., Sept. 21 class.
  • Content. The listing must include: 1) your name; 2) the title or a short description of each resource; 3) the URL or citation.
  • No data dumps. Be thorough but also be thoughtful and reasonable in your selection of resources. A “data dump” is of no use to us. I want useful resources.
  • This counts. This will be part of your score for Project 1, so do a good job. Also be prepared to discuss how the resources might be helpful.

Announced Sept. 16, 2015, emailed Sept. 18, 2015, posted Sept. 19, 2015