Cyberlaw skills projects

Note on projects.

Each project is 1/3 of your final course score. The other 1/3 is from class participation, which includes attendance, punctuality, leadership, discussion, and service as a moderator or panelist.

Project 1: Attorney self-branding.

Brand yourself online in preparation for practice. Develop your professional online profile using tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instragram and more. This project will continue through the semester. Click here for details.

Note: I will upload your own personal copy of the project 1 report template for you to edit. The template link provided above is for you to see but not to edit.

Project “X”: Online legal commentary.

Comment on hot online topics. You will draft a blog posting for a class blog on internet law issues. Click here for details.

Note: to add the P-X certification to your drafts, go to the page noted above and copy the material at the points shown; then paste the certification into the end of your drafts. 

Skills for projects:

Recent and upcoming dates/deadlines:

  • The relevant period is any relevant social media activity from May 25 (first day of class) to July 13 (last day of class).
  • Thurs., June 29 at noon: submit your narrowed P-X topics
  • Thurs., July 6: final in-class symposium panel
  • Fri., July 7 (end-of-day midnight EST): your first draft for P-X with certification is due
  • Fri., July 14 (one extra day per class request): last day that counts for social media activity discussed in your reports.
  • Period of Mon., July 17 to Mon., July 24 (up through end-of-day midnight EST): period during which you should submit your project 1 report with certification and your final draft of project-X blog post with certification. Email me when you submit them and do not edit further afterwards.

Revised July 13, 2017