How to back up your HTML code and data

Back up images and links

Make sure you have local copies backed up to your own computer (and a separate USB drive) of any media you want to you use, including images, links, etc.

Additionally, make backups of your drafts to To do this, go into your editor. Normally, the editor works like a word processor with WYSIWYG interface. See below.

Back up the HTML for your drafts

To back up your data, click the “text” tab in the upper right. This will change your view from a WYSIWYG view to a text/HTML view. An example is shown below.

To save the raw HTML code do the following:

  1. Click in the field of the data
  2. Select all the text (in a PC, do CTRL+A)
  3. Then paste the text into a text editor, such as MS Notepad (in a PC, do CTRL+V)
  4. Then save the document to a descriptive name, such as Nathenson-P1-v1.0.txt

In sum, I recommend you:

  1. Save all your images to your personal computer
  2. Save your links in a document you save to your personal computer
  3. Back up your HTML for all drafts, that includes your: P1 draft report (and final version), and P2 drafts (and final version)
  4. Do occasional version drafts in case you change something and want to go back to an earlier version

Posted June 30, 2017