Project 1: professional social-media branding

What this project is about.

This page will be expanded as the project develops.

Project 1 is intended to help you develop a professional online self-branding presence. You will create, revise, and/or upgrade your professional social media presence.

Educational outcomes.

The educational goals (outcomes) of this project are to:

  1. Use your social-media activities as a springboard for deeper understanding of cyberlaw issues;
  2. Develop a professional online presence that you can continue to use prior to and after graduation; and
  3. Gain technical knowledge on tools and techniques such as
    • Scheduling content
    • Leveraging content
    • Interaction & network-building
    • #hashtags
    • @handle tagging
    • Commenting & replying
    • Building a network
    • Analytics

What you will do.

First, you should email me (by midnight EST on Tuesday, June 6, 2017) indicating which forms of social media you would like to use. Use two or more of the following tools:

One or two of the tools below Any of the following (with approval by instructor)
Twitter (with an approved handle). If you already have a Twitter profile that you use for personal purposes, then start a second one for professional purposes.

LinkedIn (with your real name). If you already have a profile, that is ok.

Instagram Business

Facebook cause or institution page

YouTube channel

Website (with or without domain name)

Other (suggestions welcome)

Second, over the course of the semester, you will develop your professional online presence, including:

  • Creating your profiles
  • Refining your profiles
  • Posting and sharing content
  • Interacting with others
  • Using #tags and @handles
  • Building a network
  • Using analytics

I’ll provide further details later on when, what, and how much you should be doing.

Third, you will create an internal report to me on your social media activities, including information such as:

  • Your profiles (including screen caps)
  • Examples of significant postings/offerings of information
  • Information on your developing networks (analytics such as number of followers, retweets, analytics, etc.)
  • Reflections on your goals, the extent to which you’ve reached those goals, and plans for further development

Your report will be posted to me privately online on our class blog, in blog form. You can include media such as links, photos, embedded videos, and more.

Finally, you must hand in a signed paper attribution/certification form. To receive a score in any project, a certification form must be filled out and signed. Cf. FRCP 11(a). The Certification of Originality and Attribution can be found here. Attach to the certification form any and all pre-existing materials you used that cannot otherwise be discerned from your online postings.

Due dates.

  • Tuesday, June 6: By midnight EST tonight (end-of-evening), email 1) which form(s) of social media you propose to use; 2) your proposed focus; and 3) any proposed names/handles.
  • [TBA]: Postings/revisions to be done regularly through semester. Details forthcoming.
  • [TBA, probably around July 6]: Your internal report.

To be added.

Information on avoiding conflicts with third parties, cautions about copyright, trademark, and defamation.

Posted May 30, 2017