Bluebook cheat sheets

Places to look for guidance in the Bluebook. 

Place in BB or Rule Short description
Front inside cover Quick reference to law review citation
Back inside cover Quick reference to court documents
Back cover Concise table of contents
Table of contents Detailed table of contents
Index Helpful for searching for specific matters
Tables 1 to 16 Important information (see R6.1 for brief description)

Bluebook Rules for commonly used types of citations.

Rule Discussion
1.2 Signals
2.1(a) Case names (see other sections cites in R2.1(a))
2.1(b) Books (also R15)
2.1(c) Periodicals (also R16)
2.2 Textual cases, books, movies, etc., italics
3.2 Pinpoints
3.5, 4.2 Supra, infra, hereinafter
4 Short cites (5 FN rule)
4.1 Id. (only if only one source in previous FN)
5.1(a) Quotes (> 50; structure)
5.2 Alterations ([])
5.3 Omissions (…, ….)
6.1 Notes tables 5 to 16
10 Cases
10.9 Short form of cases
12 Statutes
13 Legislative materials
15 Books
16 Periodicals
18.1 Electronic & internet
18.2.2 Direct internet source
18.2.3 Parallel internet source