Guidance for those giving presentations


Length of presentation: plan on speaking ten to twelve (10-12) minutes.

Format of presentation: Do not feel obliged to present every nook and cranny of your paper.  No scholar ever has enough time to do that.  Instead, you should first briefly explain your topic, thesis, and why it is important.  You should then move into your main discussion.  I would recommend that you hit up major points, picking and choosing key issues rather than doing cursory jumps from point to point.  Potential things to focus on are: basic background that the audience may need to know, existing treatments or proposals to deal with the problem, and your solution.  You may also be advised to raise known counter-arguments to your own position so that we can give you feedback on how you might improve your argument.

Handouts for use in the presentation: You may provide handouts if you think it would be helpful to the class and to me.  Again, these are not required, and should be done only if you believe that they would be useful.  No need to submit them in advance, just bring at least ten (10) copies to your presentation.

Audio-visuals for use in the presentation: You may use audio-visuals but are not required to do so.  Valid types of audio-visuals include: PowerPoints, PDFs, Word documents, and links to webpages, online documents, or YouTube videos.


  • Revised drafts for class reading: If you do not send me a revised draft, then I will post to the website the draft you submit for the Oct. 24 initial draft deadline.  However, if you revise your draft, then I’ll post that instead.  Send me any revisions no later than the Friday prior to your presentation Revisions after that will not be posted to the class because your colleagues need sufficient lead time to read your papers. 
  • Electronic audio-visuals: If you have PowerPoints or other audiovisuals, email them to me no later than 8PM the evening prior to your presentation. I will preload them on the iPad. I will email you confirmation of receipt; therefore, if you do not hear back from me, contact me again. (Sometimes large attachments get stuck in spam filters.) Because we use an iPad and not a laptop, you cannot bring a USB drive to class. It will not work on an iPad. Instead, be sure to email me materials by the evening before as noted.

Revised Oct. 24, 2014 (adding deadlines for audiovisuals)