General guidance for all class members during presentation weeks


  • Each class for three weeks, three students will present papers.  The entire class will discuss the papers, regardless of whether students are presenting or commenting that day.  Each day, three students will serve as presenters, and three others as commentators.  I will serve as moderator, to keep you aware of how much time you have remaining.
  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. 


  • Reading assignment: Each week, read all three (3) papers assigned for each class. At a minimum, be prepared to provide constructive commentary, along with helpful questions.  You are to read all three papers each week, even if you are presenting or commenting that week.
  • Location of papers: Presenters are required to submit any revised papers to me no later than the Friday prior to their presentations.  Papers will therefore be posted to the course website no later than the Saturday prior to a presentation date.
  • Attendance: Because people will be giving formal presentations, it is crucial that they are not interrupted.  Tardiness will be highly frowned on during these three weeks.  If you are late for a legitimate reason, you may not enter the class while someone is giving their presentation or peer review.  You must wait until that person is done giving their presentation.
  • During general discussion: Based on your reading of the paper prior to class, and on the presentation and peer review during class, be prepared to discuss the papers.  Discussion points should include questions and suggestions to the author, such as: organization, depth of research, unaddressed legal or factual issues, and unaddressed arguments or counter-arguments.  As with our Harkness method, please always be sure to maintain a respectful and helpful tone, especially when giving constructive criticism.