About Intellectual Property overview

About Intellectual Property Overview

 Intellectual property, or “IP,” is at the center of some of today’s most important legal disputes. Accordingly, any well-studied lawyer ought to have knowledge of the topic. This course serves as an overview of major areas of intellectual property law, such as copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, and right of publicity. The class serves three purposes. First, it is aimed at students who want to learn the basics of IP law so that they become better able to identify IP issues that may arise in practice. Second, this course serves as a foundation for students who may later wish to take more intensive specialized courses such as copyright, trademark, and patent. Third, because the course is also available to 1L students, it serves as a way for students to integrate concepts found in other 1L courses, because IP law often reflects concepts arising from the law of torts, contracts, property, procedure, and even criminal law. 

IP certificate

This course also counts as a core course towards the St. Thomas Law Intellectual Property Law certificate program.

Last updated May 19, 2016