Intellectual Property

NOTE: This is the page for the Spring 2015 three-credit IP class. If you are in the Summer 2015 one-credit IP Overview course, click here.

About this course

Intellectual property, or “IP,” is at the center of some of today’s most important legal disputes, such as YouTube videos, cybersquatting disputes, the smartphone wars, and more. This course will focus primarily on the three main areas of federal intellectual property protection: trademarks, copyrights, and patents. In so doing, we’ll study historical and modern IP disputes with the goal of an integrated understanding of IP doctrine, theory, policy, and practice. Studies will go beyond mere cases and statutes into the real world of IP practice through experiential IP projects. There will be no final examination. Instead, our classes will focus on learning-centered discussions using the Harkness method, an approach that places students at the forefront of learning as discussion leaders, and that will help to foster the knowledge and skills underlying the experiential IP projects.





Projects (2015)

Projects (2014)

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