Project 3: Project rewrites option



A Pretend Limited Liability Partnership

FROM:             Ira Steven Nathenson, “Managing Partner,” T3 PLLP

TO:                  Spring 2015 “Associate” Class

RE:                  Project rewrites option

DATE:             April 3, 2015


This option is straightforward: rewrite and rework both Projects 1 (trademark) and 2 (copyright). If you choose this option, you must rework both Projects. The goal here is to take a rough version of work product and turn it into professional lawyer-quality work.

Due date.

Friday, May 8, 2015, at 5PM, EST. Deliver in hand or via email to


Review. Carefully re-review the feedback given to you on both Project 1 and Project 2. The feedback consists of: 1) your typed-up score sheet with comments; and 2) handwritten comments on your work product. Also carefully re-review the assignments and scoring for Project 1 and Project 2.

Rewrite and rework. Revise both Projects to satisfy the suggestions, concerns, and other matters raised in the comments provided. This may require, among other things:

  • More or better research/documentation. Follow-up searching, documentation, etc.
  • Improved organization. Reworking the organization of the documentation and case file.
  • Improved written work product. Improving the organization, writing, and analysis of written work product.


Same grids. Scoring will use the same grids provided for Project 1 and Project 2. Fifty percent (50%) of the total Project 3 score will be derived from each of the two revised projects. You will be expected to make significant improvements to the work product, using the guidance for the original projects, and my comments, as guides.

Heightened scoring; good faith. Scoring for these revisions will be more rigorous than for the original submissions. The reason for this is obvious: your original submissions were graded as first drafts; however, for Project 3, they will be graded as final drafts. I have given significant commentary to each of you to help you polish your first drafts, and am eager to see you do exactly that. Accordingly, for you to earn and deserve a high score, you must improve the work product significantly, as one would expect with a polished final draft. Therefore, revise zealously and in good faith: revisions submitted with minimal or cursory edits will not be accepted and may receive zero (0) points.

Posted Apr. 20, 2015