Project III: trademark knock-out, attorneys and marks

Below is a listing of the clients, attorneys, marks, and goods/services for Project III.

T-Cubed Attorney doing search

Acme CEO requesting search

Proposed mark


Annabell B. Tyler E. FREEZE FRAME Online storage cloud for photos uploaded via phone, tablet, computer, etc.
Isabela D. Jacqueline G. MUTT MUGS A coffee shop with puppies or dogs that one can pet while enjoying their beverage.
Tyler E. Michael K. CHAMELEON LOCKBOXES Safes, locks, lockboxes


Jacqueline G. Mandy S. JACK AND THE BEAN SHOP A Gourmet coffee shop owned by Jack where you can tailor your handcrafted drink to the coffee beans of your choice.
Michael K. Annabel B. WHISKER-TIME CAM A portable, chargeable camera that allows pet owners to monitor their pets during work from their mobile device or computer. (Novelty Pet Products)
Mandy S. Isabela D. DA HOOD Latest urban-style, street-wear clothing, footwear and accessories for young women and men, including hoodies, tee shirts, jeans, shoes, hats, and fashion apparel.

Marks & names posted Feb. 28, 2017