Project II: trademarks and clients

Below is a listing of the clients, attorneys, marks, and goods/services for Project II.

Note that the client is not the CEO but is Acme, Inc. as noted from the CEO submissions in Project I.


Client’s CEO


Goods/services provided by client

Annabell B. Isabela D. FIELDS OF GREEN FLOWERS Medical marijuana dispensary, focusing on strands of marijuana that promote healing and wellness for licensed patients, per state regulations.
Isabela D Tyler E. ProfPost Online/internet web service; Online forum for professors to interact
Tyler E. Jacqueline G. SOLEMBRA A solar powered beach umbrella with USB port. (Embrace the Sun)
Jacqueline G. Michael K. DOUBLE BARRIER INC. A bottling service for breweries doing business in the entire state of Florida.
Michael K. Mandy S. OASIS A Florida craft brewery that specializes in making lighter beers appropriate for a tropical climate.
Mandy S. Annabel B. MERRY MARY JANE Cannabis dispensary in Florida. (cannabis distribution and production)

Revised re client/CEO Feb. 9, 2017