Social media policy

Social media

As a law prof who teaches internet law, I’m very active on social media. Along those lines, I encourage students to develop their own professional brands through thoughtful use of social media.

If there is a network you think I should join, please let me know. In addition to the services listed below, you can find other online profiles here.

For some forms of social media, I interact directly with current students; for others, I do not. Please see below.

Encouraged for students to use and to follow

YouTube: Public and highly encouraged. Public. I would encourage you to subscribe to my professional YouTube page. It is the place where I will post course-related videos and screencasts. If you subscribe, you should get updates when new videos are posted.

LinkedIn: Public and recommended. My LinkedIn page is open to the public. I’m happy to follow back students on LinkedIn, and in fact, strongly encourage you to develop a LinkedIn profile for your professional contacts. The sooner you start to develop your professional network, the better.

Ok for students to follow if you like

Twitter: public. My Twitter feed is also open to the public. You can view it if you like, and can follow me if you wish. I also encourage students to develop their brands through Twitter, but caution them to post with prudence. If you post something on your own feed that you want me to see, feel free to use @nathenson as part of the Tweet and I’ll be notified. I may respond or retweet you. When students follow me on Twitter, I follow them back so long as their feeds are public. If your feed is private, I respect your wishes and will not follow back. (In fact, it is quite common for students to follow others, but keep their own Tweets private. This allows students to follow the feeds they like, and to limit their personal Tweets to their friends.)

Facebook: public portions followable. As an experiment, I’ve made part of my Facebook profile open. So that I can maintain a zone of social-media privacy, I don’t friend current students. However, I often post items of general interest, so I’ll make those posts public. You can also follow the public parts of my Facebook profile.

Google+: public. I don’t use it much but I see no reason to reject any bona fide connection.

Flickr: public. I enjoy photography of nature, animals, and scenery. Feel free to view or follow. I generally follow back those who follow me.


Updated May 29, 2015